Our Vision

To change the culture of Des Moines & beyond for the Glory of God.

We started Cityscape with one desire - to see ALL people come to Christ for His glory and His glory alone. We believe that this will be accomplished by changing culture. The only way to change culture is to engage it. We want by the power of the Holy Spirit to engage culture with love and truth so that it will change the way people of all ethnic, socio-economic, cultural backgrounds interact with one another, change the way people think about God and the local church, and change the way people live their lives ultimately in a way that glorifies God.

We believe that our vision will be accomplished by the power of God and the work of our hands! At Cityscape we lean into 4 things we call our ‘Culture Values’. These Culture Values are our way of contributing to the vision. Here are our Culture Values: Worship, Spiritual Growth, Community, Service. As a family of believers when we all commit ourselves to these four values - we become a dangerous and effective army for the Lord!

We pray that as you are praying about finding a family of believers to join in with that you will PRAYERFULLY consider Cityscape! Look forward to serving with you.

Cameron Scott,

Lead Pastor