Team Nights

At Cityscape we believe in doing things in excellence. Why? Because JESUS is worthy of our very best! So Team Nights exist for these 4 reasons:

  1. We gather to review and evaluate in preparation for each coming SZN.
    It is our firm belief that God deserves our very best. We have a responsibility to lead the church in worship as best as we are able. As a result, there is a need to practice, to hone our crafts, to steward our gifts and to learn how to better work together in a team, and to evaluate the previous SZN. Team Nights allow us that opportunity. We make mistakes, modifications and continue to evaluate until we know that what we will bring on Sunday and other nights, as people gather to seek God, is the best we are able to. Our aim is that we want to play a small part in helping people to encounter God, and by getting better hopefully people are helped by what we bring, not hindered or distracted by it. That’s what excellence is — a commitment to bringing our personal best to the table and a commitment to ongoing improvement.

  2. We gather because we love hanging out.

    We find a sense of commonality in our quest to worship God with our gifts and talents. We find a commonality in our love for The Church, in our love for Jesus and in our love for the people of God. During our Off-SZN’s on Wednesday nights we are seeking to build a community that makes a growing church seem smaller – that places value on each person who calls Cityscape Church their home, and that allows everyone to find a place to belong.

  3. We gather to inspire each other and instil courage.
    On Wednesday nights, we “have a go”. We try new things! We are inspired by pieces our writers craft, or moved by photos or music that our team is creating or things that our Hospitality team has noticed. Team Nights create a place where we can try things and fail, or try things and succeed, whatever way, we watch each other take steps toward becoming more and more effective for the Kingdom of God!. We find each other looking for words and ways to describe God differently to inspire worship and adoration from others. We want to find more and new ways to help people see that God is working amongst us and on the earth.

  4. Gathering together shapes our culture.

    At Team Night, we come together to worship. We listen to people within our team encourage us from the Bible and their own lives, which is causing leaders to rise up from within the ranks of our different teams. We give to see the Kingdom of God advance, which is creating generous people. We serve so that others may encounter Jesus, which is allowing people to realise that life is bigger than themselves and one of the greatest blessings in life is to give our lives away for the sake of others.

    We are committed to equipping ourselves, coaching groups to refine our talents, we unearth new gifts in people, and we practice in preparation for what may be required of us. We laugh, we cry (some more than others), we share life and hopefully little by little become more Christ-like. When we gather together we find ourselves united around a common goal, we are able to articulate why we do what we do and Who we do it for, JESUS!