It’s the one thing that everyone struggles with - we struggle keeping it or we struggle getting it!

I can remember around the age of ten that I began asking my parents questions about money. I had this curiosity and drive to understand the way that money worked and what money really WAS. It didn’t take long to get to the topic of investing with my dad.  He was quite entrepreneurial and more than willing to discuss the topic.

After some discussions he decided that it was time for me to understand first hand what this investing stuff was all about.  We headed to the bank and as I walked through the tall, white marble, pillars and into the building the emotions were high with excitement and nervousness.  We sat down with a banker in the typical atmosphere of rich looking wood and big windows.  The three of us sat down, had a conversation, and soon we began to fill out paperwork. After a few short minutes, I was the proud owner of a CD! And I emphasize the word proud, I was pumped up about this thing. Now it was only $400 but at the age of ten that feels closer to a bazillion dollars, am I right?

Obviously $400 didn’t change my life, but the lessons and the memories most certainly did. I am passionate and excited about the topic of doing finances the way that God intended them to be done. When we manage our financial lives the way that God has instructed us, the impacts in our daily lives is astounding and so freeing!

Money is often a touchy subject and for many people can be very confusing. I’m so excited to start teaching people about biblical finance and seeing their lives changed. We are going to demystify, debunk, shed light, and lay out a clear path for God’s ways of handling money.

I will be teaching classes on biblical principles on finances that are contextualized to our culture & people! I cannot wait.

Grace & Peace,

Jacob Graves

Cityscape Staff Member

Financial Stewardship Leader

What you need to know:

Classes start May 13th - 9 Week Course - 6:30PM - FREE